Rome, Italy - 2015

Misericordia | Mi·ṣe·ri·còr·dia/
Sentimento di compassione per l’infelicità altrui, che spinge ad agire per alleviarla; anche, sentimento di pietà che muove a soccorrere, a perdonare, a desistere da una punizione. Opera di misericordia, nella morale cristiana, opera in cui si esercita la virtù della misericordia e con significato più generico, atto di bontà, di carità verso chi soffre.

The morning of the opening of the Jubilee Year, dedicated to mercy, I've lingered on the faces of the people present in St. Peter's Square, noting a strong concentration of individuals about themselves, to the event itself, and very little towards the prince object of mercy, others, margins, beyond the sin of the single man or single woman.

I tried, therefore, to give strength to the meaning of mercy present in the square, with the photographs I took during several trips, trying a contrast so sharply to be able to give authenticity in both parties. I inserted in the frame of an event mercy, a mercy of life.