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Warsaw, Poland - February 27, 2016

The February 27, 2016, more than 80,000 Polish from all over the country gathered in Warsaw to protest against the laws imposed by the new government (headed by President Andrzej Duda) that after the fact removed all power to the Constitutional Court significantly impair absolute freedom of the press, including to law enforcement the ability to obtain confidential data from the online browsing of citizens.

The KOD, (Committee for the Defence of Democracy) is a movement born about six months ago after the rise to the PiS government, conservative and nationalist party. The national revolution of the new Polish government has taken inspiration from the large Hungarian model Orban, directing national politics, the media and public enterprises under the control of the executive.
The European Commission, concerned about the precariousness of the rule of law, decided to take action to ensure compliance with the law and the European Union's basic principles.

It seems that Poland is coming out of a certain social torpor, the same one that in part has helped to increase the PiS nationalist propaganda that is taking root especially in young people and those who have historical memory or attentive gaze can not but worry about the rapid succession of events.

Video report: Martina Martelloni