Palestine - 2015

The Historic Palestine constitutes the western part of the arable lands of what is known as the Fertile Crescent, localized around the Syrian desert.
With the proclamation of the State of Israel on May 14, 1948, they were absorbed 78% of these territories.*
The Declaration of Principles of the Oslo Accords of September 13, 1993 states that "the parties [Israel and the Palestinian National Authority] consider the West Bank and the Gaza Strip a single territorial entity, to be preserved as such throughout the interim period ". (Article IV).

The Gaza Strip, a 360km square of ground bed, remains to this day a veritable open-air prison where about 1,816,000 people live. The whole area is surrounded by a wall 8 meters high, and a rigid control of the maritime coast. The only access is by land, controlled by the Israeli authorities through checkpoints.
A similar wall of 730km surround the Palestinian territories of the Jordan. The barrier incorporates most of the Israeli settlements and the near total of the water wells. It deviates in some places more than 28 kilometers from the Green Line defined by international agreements. Unquantifiable are the abuses and violence suffered by Palestinian communities by the settlers and the Israeli armed forces in public areas. All this is continuously monitored by the OCHA observers, who have the task to record and report every incident to the United Nations.

Only in the last conflict, which broke out on July 8, 2014, between Israeli forces and the militia of Hamas they have registered the deaths of 2,101 Palestinians and 69 Israelis.**

To date, despite appeals of states such as Norway, Sweden, Chile and Brazil, the international community does not seem interested in a resolution of the Palestinian issue. Nor on the political side, nor on the side of the protection of human rights. What certainly more important.

* Palestine and Palestinians - Alternative Tourism Group
** Source United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs