Ukraine - Forgotten war, 2017

Ukraine - 2017

Forgotten War

From its Capital to the small towns devastated by bombing, Ukraine looks more and more like a country left on its own....

Sunday Dream, 2017

Rome, Italy - 2017

Sunday Dream

The hope of becoming a professional football player for many migrants drags that desire for strength and courage making it...

Cipro - The divided island

Cyprus - 2016

Divided Island

The history of the island of Cyprus is one of the oldest in the world. Rich in natural beauty, the island is located between three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa...

Riace - The Sweet Hospitality

Riace, Reggio Calabria, Italy - 2016

The sweet hospitality

Riace is a town of about 1,726 inhabitants near Reggio Calabria, well-known for the discovery, in 1972, the famous Riace Bronzes, two bronze statues of Greek origin...

The weight of Salt - Bosnia Erzegovina

Tuzla, Bosnia Erzegovina - 2014/2015

The weight of Salt

Located in the northeastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tuzla is the "city of salt" (‘tuz' is the Turkish word for salt) and has neolithic origin. Thanks to salt deposits can...

The Kurdish bride - Kurdistan

Kurdistan - 2014

The kurdish bride

Only scratched in the surface by the passing of time, by the Islamic conquest and other foreign dominations, the Kurdish culture is now in danger of being forgotten...




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