Forgotten war

Ukraine /2017

Ukraine, with its policy of shifting alliances, now governed by Petro Poroshenko, once again does not allow its citizens to understand which forces are really involved in the ongoing conflict, beside the obvious Russian interference.
In this apparently far away universe, suspended in a distant Europe, the Minsk Protocol was not enough to stop the war at the borders of Donbass and Luhansk, marking, since the begin of the conflict, more than 9.300 deaths, countless casualties, a spread of violence, unpunished rapes and attacks on journalists. It became, in the technical definition, a low intensity conflict, and the support of an extensive network of volunteers and veterans has become essential to take daily care of the soldiers in the regions affected by the war. Europe has, more than ever before, no desire to start an open fight with Russia, meaning that it will be very difficult for the Ukrainian army to affirm itself to a point where Moscow stops invading their country. In Brussels, despite Angela Merkel’s interest in Kiev’s fate, it is now clear that the Ukrainian problem is, at this time, unmanageable, and that it could possibly be controlled only in the future. As if Ukraine weren’t a European Land.

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