Il lungo viaggio

Isola dell’Asinara, Italia – 2019 – 100% recycled paper (paper + leather)

Gathering an island like Asinara in the eye is an opportunity to act in an exceptional space, where nature becomes an extension of a common memory.

Looking at this strip of land we discover a real archeology of isolation, sectioning and the successful implementation of a dystopian use of the environment and its conformation. The contrast between a humanly infinite landscape and its confinement is not limited to its geographical position but continues between the 10 branches of its former prison immersed among the lentisks, junipers and spurge shrubs. Here, the numerous wild animals have hiddenly shared the existence with the false live, those who have stayed in structures where life has become an adapted form, a container of unique violence and unrepeatable expectations and where the sea since 1997 has become a bridge again.

The long journey (Georg Vemess) On the island of Asinara, exactly in Campu Perdu, there was a statue entitled “The long journey” carved by the Hungarian prisoner Georg Vemess and defined as an authentic artwork. On the base the work was carved depicting a crowd of naked and desperate men who remember the atrocious sufferings that the Hungarians had suffered during the march in the Balkans, while in the upper part of the sculpture Vemess represented a naked hero: the triumph of hope, of solidarity of peoples and life. Unfortunately, the celebratory statue has disappeared from the prison administration to the Park authority.

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