The invisible wounds of war

Kiev, Ukraine /2022

The story of the first mental rehabilitation center for veterans in Ukraine starts at the end of 2019 thanks to the intuition of the neurologist Kseniia Voznytsina and a team of psychologists, doctors and lawyers, who believed in the potential of this vast gray complex that it has at its disposal. common areas, recreational facilities and a pleasant natural setting all around. In this organically isolated and protected environment, veterans live their recovery by participating in individual and group therapy sessions and receiving legal assistance to ensure that they have what is owed by the government in terms of financial support and recognition of the disease. According to the operators of the center, in fact, there have been many cases in which the military doctors did not realize the emotional load that weighed on the lives of the soldiers who after a few days of shaking, managing / fighting feelings of nausea, little sleep were sent back. at the front, ignoring the gravity of their conditions. Her work tells of a conflict that for 8 years has tried to hide the most difficult wounds to heal, those of the mind. Thousands of veterans in fact fail to readjust to civilian life, many sink into alcoholism, others commit suicide without even knowing that there is help for their distress.

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