Khabarovsk: the Far East of Russia

Khabarovsk, Russia - 2019

At about 8.523km from Moscow and 30km from Chinese Manchuria, Khabarovsk is one of the main centers of the Russian Far East. Its proximity to China, Japan and the two Koreas makes this region one of the most interesting for business in the eastern part of Russia.

Along the shores of the majestic Amour River, the slow walk of people on the pier becomes a mosaic that alternates the faces of Russian citizens with the eastern features of the many Chinese who live, study and work in this huge suburb. The expansion of Khabarovsk-Novyj airport thus becomes the symbol of an increasingly open and multicultural city, where inside the refined brick buildings of the 19th century and the most recent agglomerations of skyscrapers young people begin to study Chinese and understand which path to take for their future.

Thus, while geography forces this union between Moscow and Beijing, the citizens of Khabarovsk continue to carry on their traditions: from ice hockey to music, from the ceramic arts to the excellence of telecommunications systems up to the most remote suburbs where there are those who seem to resist time and contamination.